Our Team:
Hilary Hatfield, President  
Mark Hatfield, Vice President Logistical Services 
John Copenhaver, Client Services Consultant
Joel Fletcher, Research Consultant
Geoffrey Graham, Digital Photographer
Kirsten Miller, Digital Archive Specialist 
Lou Chang, Archival Framing Specialist
Jessica Harbold, Graphic Design Specialist

Art Collector's Athenaeum

Office: (717)630-2437

Mobile: (443)547-7550

E-mail: artcollectorsathenaeum@gmail.com

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The Golden Mean by Mark Hatfield, Oil on board

Courtesy of Mark Hatfield Studio

Art Collector's Athenaeum

Office: (717)630-2437 - Mobile: (443)547-7550

Email: artcollectorsathenaeum@gmail.com

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