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Client Testimonials:

"My wife and I recommend Art Collector's Athenaeum (ACA), to create a complete digital inventory of your finest possessions in a very professional manner. Hilary Hatfield makes you aware of family heirlooms you may not even know you have and this is a wonderful method to be comfortable with the future of the family collection. ACA helps to attain appropriate evaluations of your possessions, catalogue what you have and provides options for the proper insurance coverage for valuable items. ACA has excellent resources to research even the most unusual art and antiques. All of this important business is accomplished in the convenience of your home in a very pleasant and helpful atmosphere."

3) Glen Etive 2010 48x60.jpg

Glen Etive by Freya Grand, Oil on canvas

Courtesy of The Studio of Freya Grand

"I recently inherited antiques and works of art of considerable value and was a bit daunted as to how to properly manage these new treasures, in particular, a family portrait by a notable artist whose work can be found in the Tate and National Portrait Galleries in London. Art Collector's Athenaeum documented the portrait with beautiful digital images; then prepared a proper provenance and located a suitable appraiser so that I could donate the piece to a women's club now operating out of my ancestral home. I am grateful for the advice and support services that ACA provided as they have afforded me great peace of mind for a very reasonable investment."

"As a financial advisor, I find the support and services of Art Collector's Athenaeum to be an invaluable tool in the monitoring, management and development of my private collection. Art Collector's Athenaeum's broad network of experts and reputable colleagues in the world of art collecting, appraisal and conservation afford me peace of mind."


"There are thousands of objects in my collection and Art Collector's Athenaeum has researched preservation requirements to help assure the proper environment and materials for the storage and exhibition of art ranging from works in clay and antique textiles to objects in bronze and stone. I have a high degree of confidence in Hilary Hatfield's knowledge, inquisitiveness and diligence in doing such a project with items of great value."


"As a private conservation firm working nationally and internationally we were very excited to be doing projects with Art Collector's Athenaeum. We have yet to encounter any other fine art consulting firm that unites private collectors with high-quality conservation practitioners. Mrs. Hatfield is an effective liaison who has both the technical and historical knowledge to oversee the conservation process."


"The professional services of Art Collector's Athenaeum were instrumental in evaluating and resolving a conservation issue with an important work of art in the C. Burr Arts Trust Collection. Art Collector's Athenaeum brought the statue back to its original glory and visitors have commented on what an amazing difference the restoration made."


"We have worked side by side on a number of projects with Art Collectors Athenaeum (ACA) and continue to be impressed with the level of professionalism, organization and knowledge that Hilary Hatfield (and company) bring to each and every project. We enjoyed the experience of working with the entire Art Collector's Athenaeum team. 

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